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Air conditioners are designed to continuously maintain the temperature, humidity and volume and purity of air flow .
ROW unit is a multi-split system, designed for high density CED system


Development and implementation of innovative and practical solutions in the field of air conditioning of disaster-resistant Data Processing Centers and server rooms is one of the main activities of the VYBOS company.
The range of solutions includes autonomous and non-autonomous air conditioners VYBOS, designed for cooling critical infrastructure and engineering systems in structural units of the Armed Forces.
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High-strength VYBOS air conditioners operate with high precision, in extreme operating and climatic conditions, and are resistant to seismic shocks and earthquakes, interference in electrical networks, including the effects of electromagnetic pulses and overvoltages.




Critical facility support

  Creating a stable indoor microclimate.
Highly accurate maintenance of specified temperature and humidity parameters.
  Disaster resistance.
High structural strength.
  High degree of automation.
Support for stable system operation and automatic monitoring, control, management.
  Modular design.
Creation of various options for layout solutions, ease of maintenance.
Integration with any data center engineering systems.

Creating a high-precision and stable microclimate

The VYBOS air conditioning system provides precise 24-hour, year-round maintenance and control of temperature and air humidity in rooms located in any climatic zones of Russia.
The accuracy of maintaining the air temperature in the room is: ± 1°C.
The accuracy of maintaining indoor air humidity is: ± 5%.
An undoubted advantage  The high-strength system is effective and flexible cooling of rooms with a high heat density, quickly neutralizing local overheating points. The system is capable of automatically regulating air flow in the room based on the level of heat load.
VYBOS air conditioners meet all installation, operational, and sanitary requirements for precision air conditioning systems.

Disaster resistance.

High structural strength. VYBOS air conditioners have successfully passed tests for exposure to external factors in the testing department of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "TsNIIII IV" Russian Ministry of Defense:
1. Tests for resistance to earthquakes.
Conducted in accordance with the requirements of GOST 17516.1-90, GOST 16962.2-90, GOST 30630.1.2-99.
2. Tests for resistance to overvoltage and microsecond impulse noise.
Conducted in accordance with the requirements of GOST 51317.4.5-99
3. Tests for resistance to electromagnetic pulses.
Conducted in accordance with the requirements of GOST RV 20.57.309-98
4. Tests for resistance to seismic shock by overload (half-wave amplitude of the acceleration pulse 20g (196 m/s) and duration 30-50ms).
Conducted in accordance with the requirements of GOST RV 20.57.305-98


Test example.
Oscillograms of test shock pulses.
Test stand 1602.USS IP "TsNIIII IV".
Experiment 1-OY (vertical impact)
Oscillograms of test shock pulses
Amax=9.7785; T1=0.0526; Amin=-9.6888; T2=0.0425
Experiment 5-OX (horizontal impact)
Oscillograms of test shock pulses
Amax=10.698; T1=0.0312; Amin= -9.723; T2=0.049

High degree of automation.

The VYBOS automated air conditioner allows real-time monitoring and control of the cooling circuit with parameters displayed on a remote display. The air conditioner has additional external indication of operating and emergency conditions; the built-in alarm system responds to any deviations in the operating parameters of the air conditioner with recording of emergency events in the logbook.
The standard configuration of the high-strength system includes additional lighting for the electrical cabinet and compressor compartment, which allows for maintenance of the air conditioner in low light conditions. The architecture of the control system for air conditioners of the model range has a Russian-language menu and is intuitive for the user.

Modular design.

The modularity of the design makes it possible to develop various layout solutions, simplify service and maintenance, including quick installation and dismantling of the fan section. Dismantling the fan section is the easiest way to deliver the air conditioner to rooms with difficult access, since the overall height of the air conditioner when dismantling the modular structure is reduced by 1/3. Also, with the fan section dismantled, it becomes possible to quickly install the air conditioner to the existing ventilation system.
A clear advantage of APU air conditioners is the integrated water condenser, which ensures operation of the air conditioner in rooms without access to the environment, for example, in underground protective or defensive structures, shelters, shelters and other similar structures.


The VYBOS air conditioning system easily integrates with a unified building monitoring, supervisory control and remote control system using Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, SNMP data exchange protocols.
The controllers also provide quick monitoring of the entire system via a WEB interface.

The most complete production cycle.

The production forces of the enterprise and the VYBOS dealer network allow us to carry out the most complete cycle of design, design, manufacture and distribution of precision air conditioning systems — from design and development of prototypes to after-sales service, including the supply of spare parts and components.