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Air conditioners are designed to continuously maintain the temperature, humidity and volume and purity of air flow .
ROW unit is a multi-split system, designed for high density CED system


проектирование систем кондиционирования 

VYBOS performs the design of air conditioning systems for design institutes and Russian enterprises. Development of documentation (pre-project analysis, terms of reference, feasibility study, technical and working draft) and selection of equipment is carried out by highly qualified specialists of the project department.
The design is carried out in 2 stages, which guarantees the high quality of the project and its full compliance with the requirements of the terms of reference and regulatory documents.
- stages "P" (Project). Development of design solutions and formation of working documentation, passing of expertise.
- RD stage (Working documentation). Development of sets of drawings, specifications, estimate documentation and accompanying documents.
During the design process, all design standards are observed in accordance with industry standards, sanitary and hygienic requirements, fire safety requirements, architectural and construction standards and requirements, electrical safety requirements.

Design stages:

1. Study of the object, collection of initial data for design.
2. Assistance in the preparation of technical specifications.
3. Development of pre-project proposals.
4. Justification of investments.
5. Pre-project analysis and laying in the project of the technical features of the object, taking into account:
- Environmental and man-made characteristics of the location of the object, the type of room according to architectural plans and safety standards.
- Location and parameters of technological equipment (including thermal load on equipment).
- Location and characteristics of suspended ceilings, raised floors, fire-retaining partitions, if available.
- Location and parameters of power supply, ventilation, heating,water supply, sanitation, sewerage, central control and security systems.
- Thermal characteristics of windows, walls and ceilings.
- Location of the upcoming equipment.
- Climatic parameters inside and outside the room.
6.Performing accurate engineering calculations. Study of energy saving issues.
7.Drawing up a plan for the upcoming placement of equipment and wiring of networks in the form of drawings with the customer. 8. The final selection of the most effective variant of precision conditioning and the formation of specifications. 9. Passing the examination, approval in the fire inspection and in a number of instances.

VYBOS design solutions are used for server rooms, rooms of mobile communication systems, data centers, rooms with high-precision production, warehouses of large areas and production facilities, scientific, cultural centers and financial, medical institutions.