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Air conditioners are designed to continuously maintain the temperature, humidity and volume and purity of air flow .
ROW unit is a multi-split system, designed for high density CED system
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High energy consumption of telecommunications equipment in base stations requires the installation of energy-efficient and efficient systems capable of dissipating a large amount of heat in rooms. To remove heat generation and neutralize overheating hot spots of telecommunications equipment, the VYBOS company offers an energy-efficient and low-cost technical solution - free-cooling ventilation devices ВФМ 2000.
These devices are adapted to the specific requirements of telecommunications facilities, and cope well with work during peak load hours, around the clock and operate year-round in automatic mode.
ВФМ 2000 systems:
- Operable in a wide range of outdoor temperatures from -50°C to +60°C;
- Operated on the day of installation, thanks to the possibility of rapid deployment;
- Quickly integrates with remote monitoring, control, management systems and other engineering systems;
- Have low operating costs over the entire service life;

free cooling ventilation device  

Built-in components of the free cooling ventilation device ВФМ2000

- Electronically commutated DC fan EBMPapst R3G310-RN98-02 with a smooth change in rotation speed, with the ability to operate on batteries, to implement the emergency protection function
- Electrically driven valve BelimoCM24-SR1, which prevents container freezing
- Heater
- Carel C.PCO mini 1 control controller with user interface
- Housing, frame and cladding made of galvanized steel.

The free cooling ventilation device was manufactured and accepted in accordance with the mandatory requirements of state standards, technical specification No. 4862-001-31866940-2015 and was recognized as suitable for operation.
The VYBOS company guarantees the proper quality of the equipment and is responsible for defects in materials and workmanship of the equipment for a period of 24 months from the date of certified commissioning of the equipment, but not more than 28 months from the date of shipment from the factory, subject to normal use and technical maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.
Total cooling capacity kW 5,6
Power supply: DC 48
Electric heater power kW 1.5
Voltage B 220
Air flow m3/h from 500-2050
Air filter G3 (G4; G5 – option)
Sound pressure level at a height of 1.5 m and a distance of 2 m from the front panel of the air conditioner dBa 49
Fan W 123
Control circuit W 54
Maximum current
Fan A 2.6
Control circuit A 0.8
Width mm 500
Depth mm 460
Height mm 900
Weight kg 60