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Air conditioners are designed to continuously maintain the temperature, humidity and volume and purity of air flow .
ROW unit is a multi-split system, designed for high density CED system
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Installation and commissioning

air conditioner service 

The VYBOS service center and certified service centers of partner companies carry out professional installation of equipment throughout Russia, bring the equipment into working condition (installation, assembly) at the site of operation and demonstrate to the buyer in action, ensuring the product is fully ready for use throughout the entire period. period of stay with the consumer.

Stages of installation of a precision air conditioner:

Each step of installation work is carried out by specialists in accordance with the rules and regulations approved for the design and installation of equipment.

Equipment transportation

Transportation of equipment is permitted by any means of transport. Transportation and movement of equipment is permissible only in a vertical position in accordance with the handling signs on the packaging of the equipment.
It is recommended to move the equipment on a pallet using a forklift or a forklift with a fork length of at least 1.5 m (to avoid equipment falling and ( or) its deviation from the vertical position). When moving equipment, make sure that the equipment used for moving is able to support the weight of the equipment.

Preparing the room

Operation of VYBOS precision air conditioners is permissible if a number of requirements are met:

If the requirements for operating restrictions are not met, the manufacturer is not responsible for possible equipment failures with further partial or complete loss of its functionality.

Equipment placement

The placement of indoor units of precision air conditioners and condensing units must be carried out in accordance with the requirements for safe operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Installation of the drainage pipeline

The drainage pipeline is installed in accordance with the recommendations of SP 75.13330.2011.

Installation of power and low-current cables and wires, connection of electric motors.

During the installation of precision air conditioners, the requirements of PUE and PTEEP should be taken into account. Installation of power and low-current cables and wires should be carried out with copper cables and wires used in accordance with GOST 1508, GOST 26411, GOST 31947, GOST 31996.


The sequence of work:

- Departure of a team of professionals to the facility at a time convenient for the client;
- Selection of equipment in accordance with the design features of the building and the tasks solved by the designed system;
- Professional installation of equipment;
- Installation and connection to engineering networks;
- Diagnostics of equipment operability and commissioning;
- Qualified consultation of a service engineer on further operation;
- Scheduled maintenance, equipment service;

There are basic requirements, rules and techniques for the installation and commissioning of VYBOS equipment. The basic requirements for installation and commissioning are set out in the installation and operation manuals. This manual is an important part of the supplied products, it is recommended to keep it for the entire period of operation of the equipment. Installation and commissioning of precision air conditioners and uninterruptible power supplies and other engineering equipment is carried out in accordance with the requirements set out in the manuals.
Before starting to work with the equipment, the user should carefully read the manual. The equipment must be used only for its intended purpose. When using the equipment for other purposes, in case of violations of the installation and commissioning requirements, the manufacturer has the right to disclaim responsibility for the operability of the supplied equipment and cancel the warranty obligations.

VYBOS Company and partner companies install Vaybos industrial air conditioning systems at various facilities:
- production facilities;
- office and administrative buildings, business centers;
- large-area residential premises;
- retail premises;
- sports complexes, etc.