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Air conditioners are designed to continuously maintain the temperature, humidity and volume and purity of air flow .
ROW unit is a multi-split system, designed for high density CED system


VYBOS company offerscustomers service support of the equipment during the whole period of operation.


Information Services.

VYBOS provides technical consultations on the selection, design, development, installation, warranty and post-warranty maintenance and maintenance of equipment in perfect condition, in operation for a long time.
VYBOS also conducts training and preparation of the buyer's personnel for the safe and efficient operation of the purchased equipment. Access to the equipment is allowed to personnel who have been instructed in operation and safety.


VYBOS performs design of air conditioning systems for design institutes and industry organizations. Development of documentation (pre-project analysis, terms of reference, feasibility study, technical and detailed design) and equipment selection is carried out by highly qualified specialists of the design department.
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Product delivery

VYBOS provides free delivery of goods to the place of operation, to the terminal of a third-party transport company within Moscow and Moscow Region. It also assists the transport company in delivering the product to customer sites throughout Russia.
VYBOS carries out prompt delivery of spare parts and components, maintains for this purpose the necessary network of warehouses with the most popular parts, and also has close contact with manufacturers of spare parts and components.
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Installation and mounting

The VYBOS service center and certified service centers of partner companies will bring the equipment into working condition at the site of operation (installation, installation) and demonstrate it to the buyer in action, ensuring that the product is fully ready for use during the entire period of its stay with the consumer.
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Warranty service

By purchasing precision air conditioning systems from the VYBOS plant, you can be sure that you will be provided with an absolute guarantee on the supplied equipment.
Minimum warranty period for equipment from the moment the equipment is transferred to the buyer – 2 years. During the warranty period, the VYBOS company bears warranty obligations to customers; if a malfunction is detected, it will replace individual components, assemblies, parts in accordance with the conditions specified in the supply contract.
An integral condition for fulfilling warranty obligations on the part of the manufacturer is certified startup and commissioning of equipment by certified specialists, and regular maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements.
Subject to concluding an agreement with the manufacturer for regular maintenance and diagnostics, it is possible to extend the warranty period to 5 years.
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Post-warranty service

The reliability of the VYBOS products is ensured by the multi-stage control system of the manufacturer's factory, input control of components, materials, acceptance testing of the quality control system. But, like any technically complex system, VYBOS equipment requires periodic maintenance for uninterrupted operation for a long time.
The VYBOS service Center and the service centers of partner companies perform comprehensive maintenance of equipment, including scheduled preventive and technical work.

Providing documentation

VYBOS transfers a set of technical documentation to the customer’s personnel responsible for operating the product for maintaining operational documentation.
The documentation set includes: design documentation, technical description, installation and operation manual, serial passports