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Air conditioners are designed to continuously maintain the temperature, humidity and volume and purity of air flow .
ROW unit is a multi-split system, designed for high density CED system
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25 мая 2023

On the Data Center Design & Engineering presented a ready-made product solution for the data center industry - reliable modular data centers (MDCs) from the GreenMDC company, equipped with VIBOS precision air conditioning systems, uninterruptible power supply systems from the Absolute Technologies company, server cabinets from the Emilink company.

The modular solution for the data center from the GreenMDC company is a guaranteed working, proven and quickly erected solution (production time no more than 16 weeks), with flexible scaling, developed in accordance with the recommendations of the Uptime Institute for TIER III level and above, with mandatory testing all components in production.

GreenMDC is a Russian developer and manufacturer of reliable modular data centers that ensure stable operation of the IT infrastructure and ease of operation.
"Absolute Technologies" is a specialist in the construction and reconstruction of uninterruptible guaranteed power supply systems that supply high-quality power to civil and industrial facilities.
"Emilink" is a supplier of telecommunications and server equipment for the construction of data centers and SCS on a turnkey basis. ;

"VYBOS" is a Russian developer and manufacturer of high-tech and energy-efficient precision air conditioning systems for data centers and IT complexes. VYBOS air conditioning systems fit perfectly into the overall architecture of modular data centers, have high cooling capacity, effectively dissipate heat and ensure high functionality of IT equipment in any climatic zones of the Russian Federation for a long time.

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