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ROW unit is a multi-split system, designed for high density CED system
Air conditioners are designed to continuously maintain the temperature, humidity and volume and purity of air flow .
VCAF chillers series were designed for use with any function.

ROW unit is a multi-split system, designed for high density CED system. Due to its ergonomic shape, it is able to dissipate high heat loads in a small floor space. 24 kW and0,3 m2.

Air conditioners «close control» designed for continuous maintenance in given limits of temperature, humidity, volume and purity of the air flow. They are designed for installation in server rooms and data centers as well as in industrial areas, laboratories, and in any other areas where you need to continuously maintain a certain microclimate.

Precision Air conditioners Vybos is high quality equipment made according to the highest international standards using the latest technologies and technical developments of of leading manufacturers of components.

Precision air conditioners Vybos provide superior reliability, high capacity and cooling efficiency, humidification and dehumidification.

Chillers Vybos are the family of chillers are designed using the most advanced technology and designed to meet the requirements in a variety of technological systems (industrial, commercial, telecommunications, IT and other). In the family of chillers Vybos available chillers with free cooling Free-cooling), chillers with air and water cooling of the condenser, the standard and low-noise designs to meet the highest requirements of the Customer in ensuring the efficiency and noise requirements.